12 best Indian restaurants in the US
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12 best Indian restaurants in the US

Moumita Basu

The US is home to a massively diverse Indian culture. As of 2019, the Indian population in the US has grown by over 50% and is still going strong. The Indian restaurants in the US has lent some of the most incredible food joints in the country and it has become equally popular among the native citizens as well. Its richness in flavor, its fragrant spices, and its wide variety makes it one of the best cuisines that exist. If you are missing the kind of food that reminds you of home, then there’s no dearth of options (quite literally). Here are the 12 best Indian restaurants in the US, from cozy chaat eateries to drool-worthy tandoori havens.

Adda, Queens, New York

Set in the Big Apple’s bustling neighborhood, this restaurant prides itself on serving modern yet authentic Indian food without lacking in authenticity and has an incredible tandoor lineup. Must try: Tandoori gobi made with cauliflower, garlic, ginger, and cheese.

Himalayan Bistro

This Indian joint, present in Boston, Massachusetts, serves delicious Indian and Nepali food at a very reasonable price. Must try: Momos and Goa shrimp curry.

Baar Baar

Located in New York, this particular food joint attracts the young crowd from the neighborhood primarily because of its chill vibes. On weekends,  the restaurant hosts a ‘Bollywood Brunch’ that comes with a live DJ and an equally fun emcee, and the beats will definitely make you dance at some point. Must try: Paneer Chilli and Brussels sprouts.

Pure Indian Cuisine

We go to Vegas to try things we have never done before. But between the excitement and excess, sometimes all you want is the taste of the familiar and reliable. For that, you can turn to Pure Indian Cuisine. The restaurant offers comfort food that reminds you of a home away from home.

August 1 Five

Present right in the heart of San Fransico’s Civic Center neighborhood, this modern Indian restaurant is known as the best in town for its amazing nuances in the cuisine. Must try: Palak Chaat and Lamb Biriyani.

Kochi Indian Cuisine

This traditional Kerala-style Indian food joint is a gem in the heart of New Jersey. Treat yourself to their Kerala chicken curry with coconut milk or snag a dish of their delightful daal makhani. We can guarantee that you will definitely be back for more!


This Indian restaurant is the highlight of LA’s Indian food scene. Their tandoori chicken tikka has become a legendary dish in the area and the samosas are to die for. Must try: Oat milk chai if you’re visiting them early in the day.

Spice Room

Located on 38th Ave in Denver, Colorado, Spice Room is an authentic Indian establishment that prides itself on homestyle cooking with fresh quality ingredients. If you are looking to try an aromatic curry or good ol’ chicken tikka masala, Spice Room will tickle all your taste buds.


If you ask anyone in Philadelphia about where to find the best Indian food, they will say Indeblue in Midtown. They have a killer selection of Indian dishes like Mirch masala with garlic and nutmeg lamb chops. The restaurant also provides a build your own tasting thali option for those of you who just can’t decide.

Bollywood Theatre

If you are looking for a nice place to eat Indian cuisine in Portland, this is one of the best Indian restaurants in the US to go. While they are allowing takeout only options due to the pandemic, that shouldn’t stop you from indulging in their lip-smacking food. Must try: Pav bhaji.

Dimple’s Bombay Talk

Located in Iselin, New Jersey, this Indian restaurant is home to one of the best Indian restaurants in the US. They specialize in vegetarian dishes. If you are visiting Dimple’s Bombay Talk, make sure to try their chaats. Must try: Tokri Chaat loaded with shredded potato, lentils, onions, and spices out the wazoo.

Tamarind Tribeca

Located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, Tamarind Tribeca is one of the top picks in the US for Indian food. This Michelin star restaurant is a favorite hotspot for people who enjoy world-class culinary delight. Must try: Raj kachori and their achari Hiran ki champaran.

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