7 surprising items that you can carry in flight 
(7 others that can get you deboarded)
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7 surprising items that you can carry in flight (7 others that can get you deboarded)

Moumita Basu

Your journey to the U.S. has been confirmed, and you couldn’t be happier about it. Between the excitement and nervousness of your travel, packing, and ensuring you have all the documents you need, sometimes we forget some of the most basic but important things while traveling overseas.

Every airline has strict guidelines about what you can carry with your luggage and what you cannot. Your flight ticket will mention what all is not allowed to carry. If you forget and one of the banned items ends up in your luggage, there is a chance those items will be confiscated or worse; you might be asked to leave. So to help a bit with the smooth travel we want to have, and for general good vibes at the beginning of our trip, here is a list of things we cannot carry on when traveling in an airplane. And then there is also a list of amazing things that we never knew would pass inspection and get through at an airport.

Not allowed: Liquid food

While food, in general, is allowed in aircraft, food in liquid form is prohibited. Even if you carry a simple soup or a broth, you have to either finish it before you board or leave it behind.

Allowed: Antlers

Yes, we know. It is very weird. Sharp objects and things that could be used to bludgeon are prohibited in carry-ons, but it's cool if you have antlers with you before boarding a plane.

Now allowed: Magic 8 balls and snow globes

It is quite normal to carry trinkets and some small souvenirs that will remind you of a home away from home. Some of the most common souvenirs are magic 8 balls and snow globes. If there are smaller snow globes and Magic 8-balls, they might pass inspection. But just to be sure, let’s just check them all with the luggage.

Allowed: Syringes

Usually, flights don’t allow sharp objects since they can penetrate the skin. Surprisingly enough, syringes are allowed in carry-ons as long as the unused syringe has injectable medicine together with it.

Not allowed: Sharp objects

Scissors, kitchen knives and similar cutlery, ice picks, and corkscrews with blades are some items we might innocently pack in our carry-on bags, but these might land you in a LOT of trouble. Why? Because even when they are meant for a different purpose, thee can quickly biome weapons that can inflict severe damage.

Allowed: Selected beverages

Alcohol is something that you can carry with you on a flight, but it should be in a sealed container. Every airline has different rules, so ensure that you check those before carrying any with you.

Not allowed: Liquid gas

This one goes without saying. Anything that is inflammable is not allowed o  flights. Lighters, matches, zippos, and similar items are not allowed on flights since these can be used to start a fire.

Allowed: Sewing needles and disposable razors

Despite not allowing sharp objects in carry-on luggage, sewing needles and disposable razors are allowed in carry-on luggage. They are safe to carry as long as they are still attached to the handle. Electric razors will also be allowed. But those box cutters, they're not allowed.

Not allowed: Some sports equipment

While sports equipment like basketballs, baseballs, footballs and even bowling balls are allowed, baseball bats, bowling pins, bows arrows, and darts are not allowed.

Allowed: Medicines

Medicines in the form of liquids are allowed on flights. All you need to do is call ahead and follow the rules. Pills are also allowed, but they will go through screening, so be sure to ask about them beforehand.

Not allowed: Party Poppers

Party poppers are not allowed on flights because the crew would have to clean up the confetti later if they accidentally pop.

Allowed: Parachute

Having a parachute can be something that sounds funny, but it's not a bad idea. Especially now that we know, we can bring them with us in our carry-on baggage.

Not allowed: Iron cookware

You can carry all kinds of pots and pans in your carry-on luggage, except cast iron pots and pans.

Allowed: Live sea creatures

You might think that live sea creatures like corals and fish are not allowed in flights, but they do. As long as it's been inspected, ensure they are not taken by force or stolen, they are allowed. All you have to do is place them in clear, transparent containers Live lobsters are also allowed but make sure the airline is okay with lobster. Some may not be, so just call ahead to be sure.

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