A simple guide to winter packing when you move to the US
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A simple guide to winter packing when you move to the US


We've all experienced cold in some form. But winters in the US are a different ballgame. And if you're going from a city where the winters are mild at best, it will take a lot of time for you to get used to the biting cold winters in America.

In movies and shows, we see people wearing multiple layers of clothing and mufflers during winter. And that's no exaggeration. On average, in January, temperatures in the US are -3° C to 4° C. Add the wind factor, and it becomes even colder. If you plan to relocate and it's already fall season, you're well-advised to keep your winter wardrobe ready beforehand as you will be stepping into really cold temperatures.

As you have baggage weight limits, buy lightweight, heavy-duty winter clothes that don't occupy much space but provide enough warmth to keep you going. Here are a few winter wear items that are essential to carry to protect yourself from the harsh winters you'll face.

Trousers and leggings

Pack at least three or four pairs of winter trousers. Cashmere pants, woolen leggings, or inner winter wear for legs are essential items. Choose styles and colors that complement your existing wardrobe (and also are easy to pack).

Dresses and coats

Be thoughtful when putting together a winter ensemble. Choose dresses and coats that complement the trousers and leggings you have chosen. An important thing to keep in mind is that layering your warm clothing is the best way to protect yourself from the cold. Buying one bulky jacket doesn't do the trick. You need to wear warm winter clothing as follows:

  • Wear winter innerwear as the first layer. These can be snug-fitting warmers made from high-warmth material
  • Wear warm, stylish winter tops as your second layer. These tops can be knit from wool or other fibers that retain heat. Or you can also wear a winter dress
  • The third layer should be a warm pullover or sweater that keeps the warmth in
  • The final layer needs to be a stylish winter coat to keep the cold at bay


Winter footwear needs to be able to handle snow and slush. The best option is to go for high-grip outsoles that are water-resistant and tough. Boots are the best and the most stylish option, as they work exceptionally well with cashmere pants and woolen leggings.

Another option is to buy outdoor shoes that are faux-fur lined and keep your feet and ankles warm in the cold weather outside.


Make sure to complete your winter outfit look by pairing it with accessories like woolen hats, mufflers, earmuffs, gloves, and pocket warmers.


Packing for a winter in the US isn't very difficult if you take care of the layering and bulk you will carry with you. While flight restrictions apply and limit what you can carry, modern innovations have made winter wear compact and less bulky.