Good ol’ Wire Transfers to load your international Zolve account
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Good ol’ Wire Transfers to load your international Zolve account

Sukriti Saraf

Wire transfer is the oldest and easiest method to transfer money online. The funds essentially transfer between international bank accounts - mainly used by parents to send money to their children studying abroad.

Since you're planning to go to the U.S. and are currently in India, that shouldn't stop you from adding money to your account.

Here are four easy steps to start doing that:

  • Choose your preferred bank: Most banks provide this service. But, you can choose the one that has the sufficient funds needed. Check if your bank has a wire transfer option. You would need to log in to internet banking. Otherwise, you may need to visit your bank's branch
  • Check the fee involved: Wire transfers include charges. There will be a flat foreign currency conversion charge. Your bank will mostly not have a remittance charge. You will also have to pay service tax on the amount transferred

Important information you need:

  • Sender's bank account number, name of the recipient, bank name, and address
  • The recipient bank's routing number, account number (In this case, your Zolve account details)
  • Any other information your bank requires for wire transfer
  • Fill up the form: The process can be done online or offline. Make sure that you enter all information correctly. Enter the correct account number so that the money goes to the intended recipient. Once you have filled up the form, you must pay the required charges
  • Keep track of the transfer: Wire transfers take 24-48 hours. The process is complete as soon as the intended recipient receives the money. You will be able to track the status of your transfer.

After following these steps, you will see the funds added to your Zolve account.

And, when you land - you can start using it right away with Zolve's virtual credit card!

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