Best Credit Builder Cards for 19 Years Old with No Credit
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Best Credit Builder Cards for 19 Years Old with No Credit

Moumita Basu

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To assist customers in starting over with credit building, credit card issuers provide credit cards for clients with no credit history. It may be challenging to obtain loans and other forms of credit if you lack credit or have a poor credit history. If you do manage to secure a mortgage or vehicle loan, you'll probably have to pay higher interest rates than those who have good or exceptional credit. It's overwhelming to select which card is best for you especially when you never had any experience in credit, so to make it simple  we have selected good credit cards for 19-year-olds

Why its Important to Have Credit Cards for 19-Year-Olds?

Obtaining a credit card is a simple way to start building a credit history and credit score. Additionally, using a credit card is occasionally necessary when ordering services like vehicle rentals and hotel stays. Here is why its important to have a credit card at 19:

  • Graduates can begin with a secured credit card if they don't yet have enough credit history to qualify for a traditional credit card. It's a unique kind of card where the credit limit on the card is determined by the deposit the cardholder makes with the lender. The cardholder might qualify for a conventional, unsecured credit card after using a secured card for some time and making all of their payments on time.
  • It's critical that recent graduates follow the guidelines for building and maintaining a strong credit score, regardless of the sort of credit card they have. Credit scores are dependent on a number of variables, but the two most crucial are payment history (does this individual pay their payments on time?) and credit utilization. as well as credit usage ratio, which measures how much of their available credit is being used at any given time. A person with maxed-out credit cards will have a high credit utilization ratio, which will negatively impact their credit score.

Even if the recent graduate doesn't now have any plans to apply for a mortgage, vehicle loan, or other types of debt for which a strong credit score is required, that could change in the future. Additionally, credit scores are utilized for other things, such as determining insurance rates, and prospective employers and landlords may also check them. Therefore, building a strong credit history has many benefits.

List of Credit Cards for 19-Year-Olds With No Credit

Anyone who is 18 years old or above is qualified for an individual credit card. Obtaining a card now will help them start building credit if they don't already have any at the start of college. When the time comes to rent an apartment or apply for a mortgage, that information will be crucial.

For students, there are several credit card issuers who provide cards, but like with any other credit card, it's a good idea to shop around and compare rates and terms. Here is the list of good credit cards for 19-year-olds:

  • Zolve Azpire Credit Builder Card
  • PCB Secured Visa® Credit Card
  • Capital One Platinum Credit Card
  • Discover it® Secured Credit Card
  • Capital One Quicksilver One Cash Rewards Credit Card

Let’s get into the details of credit cards for 19-year-olds with no credit:

Zolve Azpire Credit Builder Card

Zolve Azpire Credit Builder card is the best credit card at 19. Zolve Azpire Credit Card eliminates many of the restrictions associated with conventional secured credit cards for people with bad credit or no credit. To obtain the card, you must have register, a free bank account that enables direct deposits.

However, unlike many secured credit cards, this one doesn't ask for an upfront security deposit, so you your initial deposit (let’s say $200)  will become line of credit.

Your credit limit is determined by the amount of money you transfer from your Zolve Account to your protected Credit Builder account. You can therefore use the card to make purchases up to $25 if you transfer, say, $25 to your secured account. You can pay off the balance with the funds in the protected account, and those payments will help you establish credit. For instance, you may utilise the $25 you transferred to your secured account to settle a $15 gas purchase made with your secured card. All three of the major credit bureaus—TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian—are informed about your payments that will help in building your credit history.


  • Reports to three credit bureaus
  • No credit history is necessary to apply.
  • No yearly fee
  • Earn cash back rewards, and helps in your credit-building with responsible use.
  • By putting down a refundable security deposit of at least $200, you can establish your credit line. For a $200 credit line, that entails a $200 down payment. or $500 down payment for a $500 credit limit. The security deposit is equal to your credit limit and must be submitted with bank details.
  • Takes 5 minutes to apply


  • None

PCB Secured Visa® Credit Card

Due to monthly reporting to all three major credit agencies, the PCB Secured Visa® Credit Card is a reasonably cost secured credit card that can aid cardholders in establishing credit. A variety of possible deposit amounts are also available with the PCB Secured Visa Card, ranging from $200 to $1,000 in the first year to $5,000 after. This provides those who have a lot of money on hand more leeway with their spending cap.


  • Qualify with limited or no credit history


  • Membership fees
  • High Regular APR
  • Foreign fee
  • Requires security deposit

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

For those with mediocre credit or those who are new to credit, the Capital One Platinum Credit Card is one of the good credit cards for 19 year olds. The Capital One Platinum Card is worthwhile to apply for due to its $0 annual cost and the fact that it sends monthly account information to the three main credit agencies. You only need that to create credit quickly and cheaply. Just be sure to pay your bills on time each month and maintain a balance that is far below Capital One Platinum's credit limit.


  • No annual fee
  • Available to people with limited credit
  • Free credit-score access
  • No foreign transaction fee


  • No rewards
  • Fairly high regular APR
  • No reduced introductory rates

Discover it® Secured Credit Card

The Discover it® Secured Credit Card, which has a $0 annual fee and offers decent rewards on purchases (1% to 2% cash back), is the best secured card for 2022. Because it doubles the benefits cardholders earn the first year, the Discover it Secured Credit Card is also worthwhile. The Discover it Secured Credit Card's $200 minimum deposit is also on the low end for a secured credit card.


  • No annual or monthly fees & No fees for account opening
  • Up to 2% cash back
  • First-year rewards doubled
  • Relatively low minimum deposit


  • High regular APR

Capital One Quicksilver One Cash Rewards Credit Card

For those with bad or fair credit who want to earn rewards, the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card is a great option. Thanks to benefits of 1.5 to 5% cash back and a high APR, Capital One QuicksilverOne is worthwhile for the $39 annual fee if you spend at least $780 to $2,600 annually and pay the bill in full each month.


  • 1.5% cash back on all purchases
  • Available to people with limited or fair credit
  • No foreign fee


  • $39 annual fee
  • Average regular APR for a limited-credit card

You can establish a good credit history and raise your credit score by using a credit card (for no credit history) responsibly, paying your bills on time, and not utilising all of your available credit. Through these activities, you may be able to access better rates and conditions on the financial products you require. At initial stage its crucial to start with easy and best card. Go for Zolve Azpire Credit Builder card as its very convenient to use and with excited cashbacks and no annual fee, you can easily build your credit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best credit card at 19?

Zolve Azpire Credit Builder Card is the best to start with for 19 years old, and you don’t have to pay any extra charges and conveniently use can use it and build excellent credit history.

Do I require a job to get a credit card at 19?

No, although credit card companies ask for proof of income if you are a student, you can get a credit card at 19 by submitting basic identification documents and starting building credit.

What advantages come with acquiring a credit card at the age of 19?

The lowest rates on loans and credit cards will be available to you, and it may also affect how much your auto and home insurance will cost. The top rewards credit cards will be available to you if your credit score is excellent. So beginning your credit journey early has numerous benefits.

Is getting a credit card in college at 19 a good way to build credit?

For college students who have a job or any other source of money(even from parents), getting a student credit card might be very advantageous. It can assist kids in developing responsible credit management skills and in starting the process of building credit. At the same time, it's crucial to understand how to appropriately use a student credit card.

Is getting a credit card at 19 too early?

No, 19 is a reasonably good age to start.  You can start at any age whenever you want to take financial responsibility and responsibly build your credit after 18 (as 18 is the legal age to have a credit card), so if you are 19 and want to build a good credit journey, start it today with Zolve Azpire credit builder card.