Best credit card if you are an Uber/Lyft/DoorDash driver or a gig worker
Azpire Credit Builder Card

Best credit card if you are an Uber/Lyft/DoorDash driver or a gig worker

Rupali Amin
Rupali Amin

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Building your credit can be a slippery task as a gig worker, especially when you don't have a steady income. However, with the Zolve Azpire Credit Builder Card, you can build your credit score and improve your financial health, all while staying out of debt.

Here's how:

Azpire is a credit card designed for people with less than perfect credit, which means it's an excellent option for gig workers like Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, Rideshare drivers, Doordash delivery persons, and many more. Here are some reasons why Azpire is the best credit builder credit card for gig workers.

1. Easy Approval Process

One of the most significant benefits of Azpire is that the approval process is straightforward. Unlike traditional or unsecured credit cards, Azpire doesn't require a credit check or a minimum credit score. This means you're still eligible for an Azpire credit card even with a low or no credit score. This is a significant advantage as a gig worker since your income may fluctuate, and your credit score may be lower than it is.

2. No Annual or Application Fees

Another benefit of using Azpire as a credit builder credit card is that there are no annual fees. This means you don't have to worry about paying fees to maintain your credit card. As a gig worker, every penny counts, and saving on fees is a significant benefit.

3. Customizable Credit Limit

Azpire allows you to customize your credit limit according to your needs. This is a massive advantage as a gig worker since your income may vary weekly. You can increase or decrease your credit limit as per your requirements - based on the money you load on your account. This feature lets you manage your finances better and improve your credit score.

4. Rewards Program

The Azpire credit card also has a rewards program, which means you can earn up to 10% cashback on your purchases - this is very rare for starter and unsecured credit cards. As a gig worker, you can use your rewards to pay for gas, car maintenance, or any other expenses related to your work. This program is an excellent way to earn extra cash while building your credit score.

5. Financial Management Tools

In addition to credit building, Azpire offers various financial management tools to help you track your spending and manage your finances better. These tools include spending reports, budgeting tools, and alerts for overspending. As a gig worker, these tools are essential to stay on top of your finances and improving your credit score.

6. Holistic financial platform

Zolve is built to bring about a borderless financial world for global citizens. And to aid this, along with credit building, Zolve offers various financial services such as insurance (health, renters, pet), car loans, instant P2P payments, and international remittances. These services can be accessed directly on the Zolve app so that, as a gig worker, you can focus more on your work and less on scrolling through different apps for different offerings.

In conclusion, Azpire is an excellent credit builder credit card for gig workers. With easy approval, no annual fees, a customizable credit limit, a rewards program, and financial management tools, Azpire can help you build your credit score and improve your financial health. So, if you're a gig worker looking to build your credit score, consider getting an Azpire credit card today!

The Azpire product is not supported by The Bank of Missouri.