Best Secured Credit Cards for Bad Credit to Build Credit
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Best Secured Credit Cards for Bad Credit to Build Credit

Moumita Basu

A secured credit card is the most helpful tool for anyone trying to establish credit from scratch or repair credit after a negative experience. With secured cards, you must pay a cash security deposit typically equal to your credit limit. When you upgrade to a traditional "unsecured" card or shut the account in good standing, you receive the deposit back from the issuer, which reserves if you don't pay your bill. Secured cards are more straightforward to qualify for those with weak credit or no credit because the deposit guards the issuer against losing money. Start building credit immediately by knowing how to select the best secured credit cards for bad credit.

How to Choose Top Secured Credit Cards for Bad Credit?

Here is the list of essential tips you should consider while looking best-secured credit cards for bad credit:

  • Try to avoid annual fees: Although some secured credit cards include a yearly cost, we advise comparing secured cards without fees, like Azpire. Any upfront costs you incur will reduce the amount of your initial credit limit bank deposit, making it necessary for you to begin your credit-building process with less available credit
  • Verify the required minimum deposits: Consider minimum deposits because particular top secured credit cards permit you to begin with a less substantial first collateral deposit. A little down payment may be crucial if you don't have much cash
  • Ensure the Issuer reports to the three credit bureaus: Building credit should be the main benefit of using a secured credit card, so your card must report your credit activity to the three credit bureau companies. Make sure to start your search with the cards we've featured because every card on this list sends your payments and balances to the credit bureaus
  • Know about Costs and Terms & Conditions: Check the fine print for additional fees, especially any that may be concealed. Many secured credit cards include a monthly maintenance fee and an annual application fee. We chose the cards on this list since they don't have any additional costs

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Best Secured Credit Card to Build Credit

We have some of the best credit cards for poor credit based on criteria like low-security deposits, easy management, rewards, etc. Here is the list for you:

Discover it® Secured Credit Card

The Discover it® Secured Credit Card demands a cash security deposit, just like other secured credit cards for those who are establishing or reestablishing credit. It offers prizes, unlike the majority of others. But its upgrade options are what set it apart from the competition. A method is in place at the issuer to automatically examine accounts for potential conversion to unsecured cards.

Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card

People with bad credit and trying to restore their credit may not have $200 available up front for a security deposit but are searching for a simple card that focuses on affordability and developing credit. Your initial credit limit can't be less than $200, even if you start with a security deposit low at $49, $99, or $200. Additionally, Capital One may boost your credit limit and return your deposit after just six months of responsible card use.

Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards Credit Card

You won't need to alter your shopping patterns to receive rewards. Since few secured credit cards give tips and many have earnings restrictions, this card stands out for its unrestricted 1.5 percent cash back on every purchase.

U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa® Secured Card

This one has some of the best cash-back possibilities for secured credit cards. At the end of your first year, Discover will also match all the cash back you've accrued. Since you probably won't use a secured card for a long time, Discover's first-year offer may make this card the most lucrative on the market, even though some secured cards might offer higher reward rates.

Citi Secured MasterCard

Although you might not receive rewards or the best rates and fees, Citibank users could find that this secured card offers more ease. A previous banking relationship with Citi may help with acceptance, and any ThankYou Points accumulated can be helpful if you decide to switch to another Citi card in the future.

Comparison Among Best Secured Credit Card to Build Credit

Here is the comparison table of best secured credit cards to rebuild credit:

Secured Credit Card 

Annual Fee ($)

Best For 

Zolve Rating

Discover it® 


new/ rebuilding credit


Capital One Platinum 


Building credit


Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Credit Card


Flat-rate rewards


U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa® 


Choosing Your Own Bonus Category


Citi Secured MasterCard


Citibank members


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Now, you are well informed about getting the best credit card. It's highly recommended to pick a credit card with zero annual Fees and no hidden charges, and if you are searching for a credit card with these two features, Azpire can be your solution. Keep all the tips in mind while deciding—all the best for your new credit card journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What occurs to the money you put down for a secured credit card?

You'll likely be eligible to receive a full refund of your deposit if you close up a secured card with no unpaid balance or upgrade to a new card from the same issuer. To confirm the return policy, check the terms and conditions of the issuer.

What distinguishes secured from unsecured credit cards?

An unsecured credit card won't need a security deposit, which is the primary distinction between secured and unsecured credit cards. The bank will decide your credit line. With a secured credit card, you must make a deposit, and your credit limit will be that amount.

What amount is required to get a secured credit card?

Your financial status, card criteria, and frequently how much money you can spare comfortably all affect how much your security deposit will cost. Making the bare minimum required warranty will be brilliant if you have no credit history or a bad credit score.

Do I need to deposit to acquire a card for low credit?

Yes, but take caution. Numerous specialized businesses provide unsecured credit cards for those with bad credit, but we often encourage clients to exercise caution while applying. They frequently impose exorbitant fees that secured cards do not, such as upfront application or "processing" fees, $99 annual payments, monthly maintenance fees, etc. None of these costs are refundable, unlike a secured card deposit.

What is the best secured credit card for bad credit?

The credit card which is the best for others may not be best for you. It depends upon your need and capability to pay. But broadly, you should choose a credit card with a low cost to carry, rewards, and the opportunity to improve your credit.