Easy ways to check your Visa updates
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Easy ways to check your Visa updates

Varun Kashyap

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If you plan to go abroad, you will need a valid visa. The visa is generally stamped on your passport. There are three types of visas - Advance Visa, Visa on Arrival, and Visa-free entry.

Some countries require you to apply for a visa and produce it before the immigration authorities after you board the flight or on landing. If the country offers a visa on arrival, you can fulfill the formalities after landing. Some countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Barbados, Hong Kong, Maldives, Mauritius, etc., offer visa-free entry to individuals.

Use Your Application or Passport Number to Check Visa Updates

You can get visa updates by following these steps:

  1. Find the official ‘Visa Status Check’ website of the country you wish to visit. For example, if you have applied for a U.S. visa, you can find the visa status here.
  2. For some countries, you may not find the ‘visa status check’ website directly. In such cases, you may have to find the ‘Track Visa Status’ option.
  3. Key in your passport or application number and the captcha. Some websites may ask you to enter your date of birth. On the U.S. visa status check website, you must enter the ‘Immigrant Visa Case Number.’ Canada requires you to create an account and sign in before checking visa updates.
  4. After you have entered all the information correctly, the web page will direct you to the ‘Visa Status’ page, where you can find your visa information. If your visa has received approval, you might see ‘Visa Granted.' If not, you will see ‘Visa Rejected.’ If your visa is still being processed, you might see ‘Visa application in progress’ or a similar message.

While you can certainly follow the steps mentioned above to check visa updates, some countries also periodically send updates on the applicant’s email and mobile number. You can expect a message when your Visa application has been:

  • received by the authorities
  • processed
  • reviewed
  • granted
  • rejected
  • delivered

Visit VFS Global to check Visa updates

VFS Global is a Visa outsourcing company with a presence in 5 continents and 143 countries. It operates 3,533 application centres and facilitates administrative and non-judgmental tasks on behalf of the government and diplomatic missions of 63 countries. It holds the distinction of processing more than 232 million applications since 2001.

You can take the following approaches to check your Visa updates on VFS Global’s official website

  1. Track Online - Find the right page and enter your application number to get Visa updates.
  2. WebChat - You can also chat with an executive and share your application number to get the details.
  3. Helpline Number - You can find the country-specific helpline number of VFS Global and call them to find visa updates.
  4. Email - Send an email to VFS Global containing your application number and expect a reply within 48 business hours.

VFS Global offers you the fastest way to check visa updates. They process all valid visa applications, including tourist visas, visit visas, transit visas, dependent visas, etc. However, you can get information only from VFS Global if you have applied through them. You might not get much information if you have applied directly.


Now that you know how to check visa updates, you can check how far you are from visiting a foreign country.

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