Diwali Decoration Items: What and Where to Buy
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Diwali Decoration Items: What and Where to Buy

Sukriti Saraf

The de-light-ful time of the year is right around the corner. During the pre-Diwali period, everyone is focused on religiously cleaning the house, thinking about new ways to dazzle up their homes with beautiful Diwali decorations.

While you're nostalgic about not being with your loved ones, fret not! You can easily re-create the same Diwali vibes even in the US, whether it's the Diwali decorations, customary sweets, or the celebratory vigor.  

To help you prep up, we've put together a list of items that would set your Diwali decorations apart from the rest! BONUS: you'll earn a 5% cashback when you select Amazon, Walmart, Patel Brothers and more as your preferred brands this festive season.

Here are some new-age decor ideas for your home in the US:

1. Evergreen Diyas

Diyas are the most traditional, evergreen Diwali decoration route to go for. They undoubtedly add a splendid festive touch. You can even go an extra mile and decorate them with glitter and acrylic paints.

Where to buy: Amazon, etsy, Walmart

2. Glass Jar Lanterns

Do you always throw away glass jars assuming they are just useless? Well, we have a way for you to give it a creative spin. Paint them in various colors and put diyas, fairy lights and create Moroccan-style lanterns for a brand-new decoration for Diwali.

3. Rangolis

The most beautiful Diwali decor that one can do on their own are Rangolis . Add uniqueness to your design by placing pretty clay diyas to enhance it's beauty.

Where to buy: Amazon, etsy, Walmart

4. Flowers

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without Flowers. Add newness making a beautiful arrangement in the different corners of your home.

Where to buy: florist near your place

5. Paper Cup Lights

Love DIY? Then you must create an easy and stunning decorative element for Diwali by painting and cutting cups in different shapes, preferably floral. Add tiny light bulbs to it and create a chain. This can be one of the most accessible Diwali decoration ideas to light up the mundane corners of the house.

Where to buy: Amazon, Walmart

6. Candles

Create magic this Diwali by using colorful candles across the house to light up the corners, use engraved candles for an outlandish visual bliss or use floating candles.

Where to buy: Amazon,  Walmart

7. Diwali Torans

Diwali torans or wall hangings are not only decorative pieces but also auspicious elements for the season. You can use Ganesha wall hangings or make torans from recycled items and create that authentic Diwali charm.

Where to buy: Amazon, etsy, Walmart

8. Fairy Lights

Nothing lights up a place like fairy lights! These can be used in Puja rooms or glass vases for a fantastic glowing effect. Often, the exteriors of the house are decorated with fairy lights.

Where to buy: Amazon, etsy, Walmart

9. Diwali Coasters

What’s another way for you to make a Diwali statement? Add a touch of festivities to your living room with the Diwali-themed coasters. You can even use paints or artificial mirrors and create intricate designs to add an extra Diwali effect.

Where to buy: Amazon, IGP, woodgeekstore & more

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