Diwali Sweets in the US: What to Buy and Where to Buy?
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Diwali Sweets in the US: What to Buy and Where to Buy?


Can you imagine the festival of joy, where your houses are lit up, and you are in your festive clothes, but there are no kaju katli, motichoor ladoos, rasgullas, or badhushas? Is it even Diwali if there are no sweets? No matter where you are, whether you’re back home or in the US, Diwali is indeed lifeless without mithai. Back home, our houses and the streets smell of sweets. It’s that readily available. However, Diwali sweets in the US are hard to find. Diwali is not celebrated with the same vigor for obvious reasons. But worry not; we’ll make sure you don’t miss the sweetness of Diwali here in the US.

In this blog, we have put together an assortment of places where you can buy Diwali sweets in the US and how to earn cashback on your Diwali purchases.

What Diwali sweets to buy in the US?

If you’re planning on having any celebration around Diwali, then you can’t go wrong with some fantastic desi mithai at home. And, if you’re unsure what sweets to buy for your friends and family, this blog has got you covered.

Motichoor Ladoo

Motichoor Ladoo is ubiquitous. It’s the charm of every festival, but it fits perfectly with the aura of Diwali. When the small boondis come together to make one big glowing ball, ladoo truly exhilarates the mood of Diwali. It will surely bring a smile to your face and please your guests.

Kaju Katli

After ladoos, the most prominent sweet in India is kaju katlis. It’s a traditional Indian sweet that all Indians savour on Diwali. It has got this melt-in-the-mouth texture that kids, as well as adults adore. Its fantastic texture makes you feel like you’re floating in cashew heaven.

Mysore Pak

The mysore pak is a popular South Indian mithai with a soft, creamy texture and made from milk powder, sugar, and ghee. For a lot of people, this sweet is just synonymous with the joy and happiness associated with a family activity on Diwali. It just melts into your mouth when you bite it.

Pista Garhi

Pista Ghari is like an Indian sweet dumpling that’s filled with a nutty and flavorful mixture. It is hard on the outside but really soft on the inside. This unique mithai is one of the best Diwali sweets you can have on your platter. Serve it to your guests, and they will be delighted.


This delicious treat is generally referred to as a traditional Indian version of glazed doughnuts because it looks and tastes very similar. The ingredients are also similar, but you will note a significant difference in its texture and taste when you eat it. It is a Diwali hit among people of all age groups.


This South Indian treat looks just like a flower and tastes sweet. It's often dipped in syrup and really popular with children, who love its resemblance to a flower. However, you must not confuse it with Jalebi, which also has the same colour, but it actually tastes very different from the Jangeri.

Beyond the List!

The sweets mentioned above are some of the generally loved and ordered sweets on Diwali. We are sure that some of them must be on your list already. However, with more and more Indian gourmet and bakeries coming up in the US, the variety of sweets we have now has gotten really creative, especially for gifting purposes. Beyond the regular ladoos, barfis and the pedas, you can now order customized boxes of dry fruit or a hamper full of chocolates and chocolate mithais. In the end, the sweet you choose boils down to your personal craving, preferences, and how you want to impress your guests and loved ones. So, we’ll leave that up to you.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s see where you can get hold of these sweets in the US. Time to take a sweet trip!

Where to buy Diwali sweets in the US from?

Are you the type who enjoys the process of going out to physical stores on Diwali to pick out your favorite sweets? Or are you the kind who says “why go out, let’s just order it”? Don't worry! We’ve suggested some options for both online and offline Diwali sweets in the US and how to earn cashback when you make these purchases.

Rajbhog foods

When it comes to sweets, Rajbhog foods are crowned as the OG. They have been selling mithais since the 1980s in the US. Most of their outlets are on the East Coast. So all you East Coast residents, who’re not sure what sweets to buy for this Diwali, you can head to one of their stores to try out their delicious mithais and order the ones that suit you. They are present in Jersey City, Butler County (PA), Hicksville (NY), Philadelphia, Columbus (Ohio), Tucker (GA), and a few other locations. If you can’t make it to their stores, you can order online directly from their website.

Online experience - Indian Sweets in USA

We also realize that some of you might be in locations where offline sweet stores aren’t present, and thus online ordering makes sense. For fast delivery of sweets in the US at your doorstep, you should check out the website of Indian Sweets in USA. They have a wide assortment of sweets lined up for you with no compromise in quality. When it comes to delivery, it’s one of the fastest ones in the US. Typically, your order will be delivered within 3-5 days. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to their website now and celebrate a sweet Diwali.

Sukhadia Sweets

It’s a tradition to give friends and relatives each other boxes of mithai as gifts on Diwali. We know you also must be looking for gifting options for your loved ones in the US. Sukhadia Sweets is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to gifting Diwali sweets. Sukhadia’s is a one-stop shop for all your Diwali confectionery needs. They offer more than just mithai—you may choose from dried fruits, nuts, and individually wrapped chocolates. Most of their stores are based in New Jersey and North Carolina. However, they deliver doorstep delivery if you order online from their website.  

Tagmo Sweets

Manhattan-based sweet shop, Tagmo, is a sophisticated take on classic Indian sweets. They use less sugar in their mithais while still keeping it exquisite. This sweet shop has the best gifting galore to get your loved ones excited and satisfy their sweet tooth. Tagmo's Diwali Collection mithai comes in 9-piece, 16-piece, and 32-piece gift boxes. Customers can customize their boxes by choosing from a wide selection of bite-size confections, including chocolate burfi, besan ladoo, kaju katli and chocolate mithais. If you’re in New York, you can drop down to their stores and pick the one that suits your Diwali. Alternatively, you can order Diwali sweets anywhere in the US from the online Tagmo store.

Surati Farsan Mart

If you’re looking for Diwali sweets in the LA area, you should take a tour of Surati Farsan Mart. They have been making Diwali sweets and snacks since 1986. They have all kinds of authentic Indian mithai which is very hard to find elsewhere in the US. Their website has a special section for Diwali, which has a range of unique sweets from badam pista rolls to ghari to anjir rolls for all kinds of Diwali needs. And the best part is that they deliver to most states in the US.

So, what are you waiting for? Diwali is just around the corner. This is the right time to get started and decide what sweets to order for yourself and your loved ones. All the best to you in your sweet hunting. Don’t forget to use your Zolve Credit Card while shopping for your favorite sweets and earn a 5% cashback. Happy Diwali!