Everything You Need to Know About The H1B Visa
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Everything You Need to Know About The H1B Visa

Ashok R

One of the most in-demand visas the United States Federal administration grants to foreign workers is the H1B visa. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has been managing H1B visas since 1990. This visa enables US employers to induct highly-specialized foreign workers into their organizations. It gives foreign citizens temporary access to the US but does not entitle them to citizenship rights. The USCIS issues approximately 65,000 employment-based H1B visas every year. Since the applicants are selected through a lottery, an H1B visa approval isn't guaranteed to anyone.

Generally, people who work in the fields of architecture, mathematics, engineering, social sciences, physical sciences, accounting, medicine, education, health, etc., submit the H1B visa application.

The following sections will explain the H1B visa a little better:

What is an H1B Visa?

The H1B visa authorizes foreign workers to enter the US and work for a US-based company. The visa is granted to professionals with specialized knowledge in particular fields. Generally, US employers file for the H1B visa, including paying the visa fees, on behalf of the applicant.

What is the duration of the H1B Visa?

An H1B visa typically comes with a validity of three years. However, you can extend it for up to six years. Some special category workers may even get an extension of up to ten years.

If the employer dismisses a person working on an H1B visa,  the worker can get up to sixty days to find a new job. Alternatively, the worker can apply for a Green Card. If the worker does not get a new job or a Green card, they have to leave the US. The employer will bear the costs of return transportation unless the worker has left the organization voluntarily.

What is the eligibility for H1B Visa?

The following are the minimum eligibility criteria for people who want to apply for an H1B visa:

a. There must be a beneficiary (read, employee) and a petitioner (read, employer), and the beneficiary must have received a job offer from the petitioner

b. The employee must possess a Graduate or Post Graduate degree from an accredited university in the specialty occupation field

c. The employee must possess a state license certification or a registration in a U.S. state in the specialty occupation* field

*Specialty Occupation refers to employment in fields like accountancy, law, education, engineering, journalism, nursing, research, etc.

What is the process of H1B visa application?

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the H1B visa:

  1. Check your qualification for the H1B visa. You can find the latest qualification details here
  2. Apply for a job opening to find the petitioner
  3. Request the employer to initiate the petition
  4. Locate the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country and submit the H1B visa application. You need to fill out form DS-160 and pay the visa fees before attending the visa interview

The employer will need to secure the Labor Conditions Application or LCA approval before filing an application with USCIS. After this, they need to fill out form I-129 and submit the H1B visa application form and documents to the USCIS. They will get a confirmation if the application gets approved.

Along with the H1B visa application, you must submit documents like passport, fee payment receipt, photograph, visa interview appointment letter, Form I-129, Form I-797, Employer's letter, and qualification certificates.

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