Get the Best Deals on US Flight Tickets

Get the Best Deals on US Flight Tickets

Rupali Amin

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There's a lot going on when you're preparing to move to a new country. There's last-minute packing, meeting people, and getting all your paperwork together. You also need to book your ticket to the U.S. and get the best rates. Whew! If you're wondering how to get the best deals on your flight ticket and ho, you've come to the right place.

Book in advance for the lowest US flight tickets price

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Remember how you used to make last-minute plans and book tickets in the 11th hour with your buddies? While that was fun, it won't serve you when you're booking a long-haul flight to the U.S. As the journey date gets closer, the prices of the tickets will increase. Booking in advance will help you get the best rate as well as a seat of your choice.

Search in incognito mode for cheap US flight tickets

Travel websites are known for hiking the prices of flights when they notice a user having a history of checking out flight information. You can choose to delete your cookies from time to time, or better yet, search through the private or incognito mode to avoid getting tracked. This simple hack can save you precious money when booking a ticket.

What is the best time to buy US flight tickets?

Flights on weekdays are usually cheaper than on the weekend. Similarly, early morning and late-night flights are more affordable as there are fewer takers. It also helps to look up the U.S. flight ticket price trend for an entire month. This will give you an idea of the best time to book your flight tickets.

Arrive at a low-cost airport

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Airfares are dependent on where you board the flight and where you land. For instance, if you land in any of these airports - McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, Nevada), Orlando International Airport (Orlando, Florida), and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), your flight ticket will be cheaper. However, in a bid to get the most affordable rates, consider the final destination. If you need to spend a lot of money to get to your final destination, it defeats the purpose.

Book connecting flights for cheap US flight tickets

Although direct flights are your shortest route to the US, they can be expensive. In contrast, the US flight ticket rate for connecting flights is usually on the lower side. Layovers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Doha can be an enjoyable experience, provided you have your transit visa in place.

Cash in on points and miles for cheap US flight tickets

Sign up for an airline rewards program when you book your flight. If you're already a part of such a program and have accumulated points, this is a good time to redeem them. The points you earn through these programs will help bring down the US flight ticket price. You can also redeem these points for free flights, hotel bookings, or rideshares in the future.


There is no single magic formula for finding the cheapest India-US flight. However, you can make some smart moves, get the best rates, and travel in peace.