How to add funds to your Zolve U.S. Bank Account?
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How to add funds to your Zolve U.S. Bank Account?

Manisha Ramawat

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As if getting an admission to one of the top universities in the U.S. wasn’t already an uphill task, managing funds for the program is altogether a new battle!

At Zolve, we get that. And this is why our offerings: An operational U.S. bank account before you land clubbed with a high-limit credit card makes this journey slightly easier. So that you can achieve all your ambitions and we can be by your side, helping you make the most of your money.

If you’ve already set up your Zolve account, here’s how you can load up funds and start Zolving in under 5 minutes.

1. Log in to your Zolve account on the app and tap on ‘Add Money’. Select whether you want to transfer funds from an Indian account or a U.S. account.

2. You will be redirected to Wise (formerly TransferWise, our trusted partner for money transfer). You will need to create an account with Wise. This can be done via your Google account or any other email address and this shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

*Zolve tip: Remember to copy the Wise bank account details and reference number. It will come in handy in the next 2 minutes.

3. Post account creation, select if this is a personal or a business transfer.

4. Tap on ‘Send’ at the bottom of the screen to proceed with the fund transfer.

5. Enter the amount you would like to add to your Zolve account (in INR). You will be shown what that amounts to in USD at the bottom.

6. Enter the bank account details and the type of account along with the address. (Remember we asked you to save the account details?)

7. Make sure that you enter the source of the funds you are transferring. Zolve and Wise, both love to serve you with full transparency.

8. Now that you have successfully created an account on Wise, it will reflect as ‘Myself’. In order to transfer money to your Zolve U.S. account, select ‘Someone else’ and enter the account details of where you want to transfer the funds from.

9. Authenticate your mobile number via OTP.

10. Proceed to verify your personal information documents:

  1. PAN Card
  2. Driving License

11. Review the details of your transfer. This is a super important step so that you and Zolve are fully aligned.

  1. Transfer Amount
  2. Transfer Fees
  3. Current $ rate
  4. Date
  5. Recipient Name
  6. Recipient Account number

12. Select a mode of transfer and confirm whether it’s your own account or a joint account.

13. One last review, and that’s it! You’re all set. Click on “I’ve made my bank transfer” to explore other exciting avenues on the Zolve app.

*Bonus: You can keep a track of your transfer under “All activity” on the app.

This is the first part of adding funds to your account. Now visit your bank’s page (or app), initiate the transfer to your Wise account and you’re good to go!

If you were transferring funds while reading this, kudos! You just made your first fund transfer. We hope this was super quick and seamless for you.

If you haven’t signed up with Zolve yet, get onto the bandwagon already! It’s worth it, we promise.

In case of any questions, we’re all ears. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]