How to build credit fast with bad credit?
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How to build credit fast with bad credit?

Moumita Basu

Your credit score reflects your financial health and overall creditworthiness. Looking at your credit scores, lenders can decide how responsible you are when using credit. Learning how to build bad credit fast and with a good credit score, you can not only get easy approvals for new credit options but also avail of the best repayment terms.

Besides that, individuals with high credit scores are considered low-risk borrowers and get better credit ratings. This means they have banks and other financial businesses competing to offer them good repayment terms and other perks. So, you may want to build bad credit fast, especially if you have a poor credit history. In all, it helps to know how to build up a bad credit score since it saves you tons of money. More so, you must note that paying within the given deadlines is the fastest way to repair bad credit.

On the flip side, a poor credit score makes it difficult to get housing, cars on rent, loans, and credit cards. Aside from that, you have to pay higher interest rates and premiums.

Is it Possible to Build Credit Fast with Bad Credit?

If your credit score is low, you can easily rebuild it, if you can figure out the factors that are keeping it down. Some individuals may know how to build bad credit fast and might be in a situation to raise their credit scores speedily. However, for most people, it takes time to bring up their scores, particularly when they are trying to build bad credit. It may also help to learn that credit scores are complex and take into account a range of factors during their calculation.

Certainly, some credit repair companies may help you learn about ways to build bad credit fast. Even then, do not expect it to happen overnight. Rebuilding credit takes time and patience. Hence, start developing healthy habits to get to your destination – a good credit score – soon. However, keep in mind that the quickest way to fix bad credit is to honor your payment deadlines.

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Let’s now move on to some tips on how to build bad credit quickly.

Ways to Build Bad Credit Fast

To tell the truth, there is no silver bullet that can help build bad credit fast. But the good news is that you can boost your credit score by managing your credit responsibly. Some of the ways are discussed below:

Build Your Credit File

One of the best ways to build bad credit fast is by opening new accounts that report to the credit bureaus. It is also important to note that opening new accounts might lead to hard inquiries being pulled in, leading to a dip in your credit score. Moreover, opening multiple accounts might lead to higher changes of spencing. Among these, you can apply for secured cards and credit-builder loans. Moreover, you can apply for a credit card with zero annual fees and high rewards. Besides, you can become an authorized user of another person’s credit card who has a good credit history.

Register for free credit monitoring

You can also sign up for credit monitoring to keep your credit history clean. Remember fraudulent activity can reduce your credit score. That makes it important for you to address any errors on your credit report. By reporting to the credit bureau about the fraud, you can get the wrong information removed and improve your credit scores.

Calculate your debts

To build bad credit fast, you should round up all your bills and make a plan to pay them timely. When doing so, you have 3 options; the snowball method, the avalanche method, and a balance transfer card.

The snowball method focuses on paying off the lowest balances initially. The avalanche method, on the other hand, is all about clearing the account with the highest interest rates. And, in case you have multiple credit cards you should consider consolidating your credit card debt into one balance transfer card.

By adopting any of these three ways to build bad credit fast, you can clear your credit card debt, increase your credit scores, and lower your credit utilization ratio. Only make sure to choose the plan that best matches your situation.

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Work up a credit mix

If you are wondering how to build bad credit to good credit fast,  knowing about the credit mix is a must.  A credit mix entails having various accounts in your credit report. As part of a credit mix, you can have a mix of revolving credit accounts (including credit cards) and installment loans (such as student loans, car loans, and mortgages). Now, although a diversified portfolio is good to have, do not go about taking a loan when it is not needed.

Make payments two times a month

One of the fastest ways to fix bad credit is by paying every two weeks in smaller installments and not paying only once at the end of the month. You can then make more payments each year and save money on interest fees. Moreover, by making the extra payments, you can bring down your principal balance sooner, lower your debt balances and improve your credit utilization ratio. All this can help to raise your credit scores.

Request a lower interest rate

Requesting for a lower interest rate is also considered one of the fastest ways to repair bad credit. With a lower interest rate, you can pay off your balances faster. That’s because you can pay more towards clearing the principal balance and less on interest charges. And, with a lower balance, you can have a lower credit utilization ratio, which means your credit score improves.

Negotiate for a credit limit increase

Increasing your credit limit is also considered an effective way to build bad credit fast, for it reduces your credit utilization rate. Nonetheless, there may be a downside to this option. This is because some lenders conduct a credit check when you apply for a credit limit increase and this can cause your credit score to fall.

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Several credit rebuilding companies promise that they can help increase your credit scores fast. Be careful because this may not always be possible. Also, remember you can improve your credit score on your own, and rebuilding credit ensues over time.

Among others, mitigating disputing errors in your credit report and clearing high balances of credit cards are some ways of raising your credit scores. By and large, building credit requires both time and patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a three-digit number, ranging from 300 to 850 which shows your creditworthiness. It is an indicator for lenders to know if you are given a credit, and will you be able to repay the same or not.

Does having too many credit cards affect my credit score?

Having multiple credit cards with either large balances or a high amount of credit available may lead to a fall in your credit score. However, your overall credit history is also accounted for when determining your credit score.

Do late payments affect a credit score?

The single most contributing factor to a good credit score is making payments on time. If you pay your bills late or default on payments, you may find that lenders will not lend money easily to you. While perceiving you to be a risky borrower, they might reckon that you will not pay them for the loans.

Will my credit score improve if I open a new account?

It is not the opening of a new account that helps you build back your credit score, rather it is the good maintenance of the newly opened account that will assist you in rebuilding your credit score. You have to make sure that there are no default payments with the newly opened account and that all due payments are made in time. Opening a new account is a fresh chance to build your credit score afresh.

My credit score is low. I need credit and I don’t want to pay high than market interest rates. What can I do?

If you can arrange for a cash deposit you can try to get a secured credit card, where you will be able to get a credit card against the security deposit you will make. Or you can request a low-interest rate. You will have to negotiate with your lender for this. Also, be aware that this is not guaranteed. However, if you can meet other terms or convince your lender of consistent and regular payments, you may get a fair interest rate for your credit.