How can Zolve Azpire Credit Builder Card help you build credit?
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How can Zolve Azpire Credit Builder Card help you build credit?


Today’s economy is all about credit, especially in the US. Whether you’re planning to buy your favorite car, get a house, or pay for your dream education - you’ll need a lender who can put your plans into action; a lender who can provide you with that line of credit.

But, to seize that line of credit, you’ll have to prove something to the lender: Your creditworthiness. Lenders determine your creditworthiness by checking your credit score. A good credit score or credit history will determine whether you can get that car, home, or dream education you’ve been eyeing for a while now.

Not only this, a good credit score can help you procure loans at a much cheaper rate and can considerably bring down the cost of insurance premiums.

Check this out!

Someone with a credit score in the 620 range will have to pay $65,000 more on a $200,000 mortgage than someone with a score of over 760.

Source: nerdwallet

A good credit history is the key to a successful financial life.

How do you build or rebuild your Credit History?

A common and fast way people in America kickstart their credit-building journey is through credit cards. For people who’ve had slip-ups in the past regarding their credit score due to non-payment of credit card bills or missed mortgage payments, an excellent start for them to rebuild credit history is generally through credit cards.

However, here’s a tricky thing; as you know, a credit card is also a type of credit. So, to have a credit card, lenders generally demand a credit history. But how are you supposed to show a history of responsible payment when no one is ready to give you credit in the first place?

So, does that mean you’ve no chance of building a credit history? Well, the hope isn’t lost. There’s a way!

Building Credit without a Credit Card - Wow! That’s Possible?

Some of you might be eager to kickstart your credit-building journey but cannot do so. Probably because you’ve reservations about owning a credit card, or you haven’t had any luck finding a credit card due to not having an SSN.

At the same time, some may not have the best credit history in the world due to some financial mishap like missing on a few credit card or loan payments.

Does that mean you will never be able to build your credit history in the US?

Worry not; Zolve is here to help you out.

Good news for everyone terrified of typical credit cards: You can start building your credit history with your own money now.

Enter: Zolve Azpire Credit Builder Card

Building credit is for everyone.

Zolve believes that everyone should get the chance to build their credit history for a successful financial future. That’s why we designed a fresh way to build credit that would put our user’s goals and experiences at the forefront.    

Zolve Azpire Card is a new way to build credit minus all the anxiety, hefty fees and heavy interest charges that comes with typical credit cards. It is an evolved form of a secured card with a whole lot of benefits and rewards, beyond it's main goal to build your credit history.

It’s the best of both the world
- debit & credit -
packaged into one single card.

Azpire is not just a Credit Builder card, it’s more than that!

Credit building is just one facet of the Zolve Azpire Card. It’s much more than that.

1. Zero Fees: You pay literally NO fees when it comes to Azpiring. No joining, no late, and no interest fee is charged.

2. Awesome Rewards: To top it off, the rewards you get using an Azpire card are at par with other credit cards. You get to earn up to 10% Dosh rewards with the Zolve Azpire card.

3. Graduate to a high limit card within months: Meet your credit history building milestones, and you can peacefully graduate to an a high limit unsecured card in just months. You may ask, what is the need for that? Taking different lines of credit has a favorable implication on your credit history. According to Experian, one of the top 3 credit bureaus, taking different types of credit (revolving, installment & open) accounts for 10% of your FICO score.

How does the Azpire Credit Builder Card work?

1. Load Money: Like we said, Azpire helps you build credit with your own penny. In order to do that, you’ll first have to load up money in your Azpire Deposit Account, which is your checking account.

2. Move Money: Then the money you load into your Azpire Deposit Account gets moved to the Azpire Security Deposit Account. This money is the credit limit that’ll be assigned to you. You can use this amount for making purchases just like any of your typical cards.

3. Start Spending: Whether it’s gas, every-day, or high-value purchases, swipe your Azpire card left, right, centre and online. It’s accepted everywhere. When you swipe your card, we spot that purchase and auto pay ourselves by deducting the money that you had moved to the Azpire Security Deposit Account.

4. Credit Reporting: At the end of the month, we add up all the transactions for the month and report it to the bureaus so that your credit score gets built for a better financial future.

What does Zolve report on?

Payment Status: We report your payment status, which basically shows the credit bureaus that you have always paid your dues on time.

Account Age: The older your Credit Builder Account, the better it is for your credit history. So, the earlier you start Azpiring, the faster your credit history gets built or improves.

What does Zolve not report on?

Credit limit: You can report a maximum of 10k spends per month.

Credit Utilisation: No need to worry about credit utilisation as we don't report it Bureaus.

How to apply for the Azpire Credit Builder Card?

Step 1: Already, people in the US have started Azpiring. Join the waitlist and get early access to your Zolve Azpire Card (along with a Bank Account - .

Step 2: Keep a close eye on us. Within a couple of weeks, we will notify you of the product launch date.

Step 3: Create your Azpire Account with Zolve in 5 mins and enjoy credit building for a successful financial future.

Bottom Line:

Whether you’re an immigrant in the US desperately looking for ways to build your credit history, or you’re a woke student who thinks about his financial life and is keen on taking early action towards it, or you’re an American who wants a second chance to repair your suffering credit score - Zolve Azpire Credit Builder Card will help you get there. Zolve is here to help you build your financial future in the US.

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