7 Indian grocery stores for all your needs in the U.S.
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7 Indian grocery stores for all your needs in the U.S.

Moumita Basu

Moving is hard. Moving from one country to another is harder. When I moved to the U.S. for work, as a naive newcomer, I told myself that it would be a breeze. Little did I know the surprise that was waiting for me. It’s a largely known fact that the eating habits of Americans are very different from the people in India. And this can take a little while to get adjusted since there are so many other things going on. After the stress of moving and getting accustomed to a new environment, I was missing home and home-cooked food. If you are craving some home-cooked food, I will be sharing a list of stores that will give you a small taste of home away from home.

Patel Brothers

If you are looking for a place to remind you of home away from home, this is the place to go. They have everything from Indian groceries like spiritual herbs, house-made spice mixes, and health and beauty products. Most of their products are sourced from India, and they also have a fantastic selection of Indian microwave dinners and snacks that you won’t find in many other places.


This is the largest and oldest online grocery store in the U.S. and ships to all 50 states. Their extensive selection and market experience make them the go-to for many Indian immigrants in the U.S. They sell Indian groceries, spices, teas, lentils, dals, chai, basmati rice, and curry foods, most of them sourced from India. You can also buy frozen foods that are shipped in special cooled packages, Indian cookbooks, and Indian-inspired cooking utensils.

Vedic Pro

Known mainly for their meager prices, Vedic Pro sells a wide range of food, health, beauty, and lifestyle products; some are Indian-sourced and some of the more common items you would find in a regular grocery store. In addition, you can buy Indian incense and cookware.

Grocery Babu

This must-visit Indian grocery store offers a selection of dry, refrigerated, and frozen Indian goods. Grocery Babu has an extensive selection of Indian-brand snacks and desserts. Additionally, if you are a connoisseur of spices, tea, coffee, ghee, and more, this is the place for you.


While major Indian supermarkets present in the U.S. will have a large selection of spices, herbs, and vegetables, Zifiti stands out among these because they sell a broader range of Indian goods, including jewelry, art, handicrafts, and apparel. You can choose from over 8000 pieces of Indian jewelry and even find artifacts.


What sets Instaglocal apart from other grocery stores is that this supermarket lets you order food and groceries from nearby ethnic stores. If you are an Indian who recently moved to the U.S., and you’re looking for any particular kind of Indian food, snacks, or spices, you can go to their Instaglocal’s site and search for the food you are looking for. If their search engines detect any local stores selling items not available in Instaglocal, you will be redirected there.

Indian Grocery

While the name might be simple, their variety of product ranges and options will take you by surprise. From organic Indian snacks, herbs, and spices to fish and meat. They have it all! Indian Grocery offers an entire aisle for your wants and needs if you live life organically.

We understand that moving to the U.S. can be a stressful affair and that’s why we have prepared this curated list to help you make a little home away from home.

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