Remittances made easy for you
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Remittances made easy for you

Sapna Singh

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When everything flows across borders like a breeze, why not money?

Thanks to the recent trends in globalization that have made international money movements real easy. We can be sitting anywhere in the world, and all it requires to transfer hefty amounts overseas are a few clicks on our smartphones.


Whether you are a working professional or a student, remitting is inevitable to have a content life abroad. As a working professional, you might want to send money back home to your loved ones, and as a student, there are many times when you need cash from home. These all transactions add to our long list of remittances.

With its large expat population, India is one of the top remittance destinations globally. Surprisingly, even China comes next to us!


Developing nations like ours owe a lot to remittances to stimulate economic development. Let’s just quickly dive deeper into the world of remittances and see how you can ensure easy remittances for yourself and your relatives.

What are Remittances?

Cross border money transfers are called Remittances. Simple!

What are the types of remittances?

1. Outward remittance:

When money is transferred from home country to overseas.

E.g., when your family in India sends money to you in the U.S.

2. Inward remittance:

When the funds are transferred from overseas to the home country.

E.g., when you send money from the U.S. to your home in India.

The process of remitting funds

First and foremost, choose a suitable remittance service for you. It is always better to go digital. You can try a completely digital neo-bank entity like Zolve that can make the remittance process relatively easy and smooth for its users. You just have to get a Zolve account, visit the Zolve website, fill in the sender’s and recipient details, enter the amount, and the process initiates within minutes. It takes 1-2 business days, on average, for your money to reach your international destination.

Check these to remit with the best:

Lowest exchange rates

One should always prioritise transparency in the exchange rates. Zolve has partnered with WISE and SBM to allow users the least and the most transparent exchange rates.

No hidden charges

Make sure that you do not pay any hidden charges in the form of tax, conversion fees, etc. on your remittance. Zolve assures that the total amount is credited to the receiver’s account with its zero fee India to U.S. remittances and most nominal charges on the U.S to India remittances.


Efficient remittance partners

Make sure you know who your remittance service provider is partnering with. Do your due diligence when it comes to money. Zolve partners with WISE for US-India transfers and SBM for India-US transfers.

Speed matters

Of course, you don’t want people to wait for the funds to reach them. Money is an instant need. Ensure you opt for a fast remittance service like Remit-Easy from Zolve that lets you transfer money overseas within minutes.


High transaction limit

Banks usually have cappings and limits over the transactions. Get yourself the high limit remittance services like Zolve, so that you can transfer freely!

Security first

Ensuring secure handling of money and data while processing your remittances is quite critical. With Zolve, your account is FDIC insured upto $250000.


So yes...

Sending or receiving money across international borders gets relatively easy when you choose the right partners. Don’t panic. You’ll find the right one.

If you want to try out Zolve for starters, you can install the app and begin with the zero-fee remittance today.


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