You've packed your bags and you're ready to go
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You've packed your bags and you're ready to go


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The date of your departure to the U.S. is inching closer. Your mind is a mix of excitement and a little bit of sadness. You're leaving friends and family behind and moving to a new way of life. As your departure date gets closer, you keep wondering if you've forgotten to pack something. And this is understandable. If you forget something, you can't travel across continents to get it. That's why we've put together this piece to help you with your last-minute packing.

Your suitcases are a mix of things - clothes, documents, gadgets, and items of sentimental value. And you have limited space. This means you need to decide what it is you need to pack. For simplicity's sake, let's classify them into three categories:

a) Essentials

b) Items of sentimental value

c) Legal documents


When you're moving to a new country, a lot of things change. You are starting life afresh, and you need to decide what you want to carry from here. Some pointers on this:

a) Gadgets like laptops and tablets are a little costly. If what you have is in good shape and can be used in the U.S., you might want to take them along with you. Remember, their sockets are different, and some gadgets might not be compatible. If it's going to be a struggle to use your device in a new country, leave it behind.

b) If you're traveling now, no doubt it will be cold.  This means packing more warm clothing makes sense. Once you settle in, you can fill up your wardrobe by buying clothes in a few months.

c) Some food items might not be that easy to find in the U.S. This includes certain spices and condiments. If you're packing food items, check what is allowed by immigration authorities. You don't want to carry something all the way there, only for it to be dumped by immigration authorities.

Items of sentimental value

Leaving home means you'll be leaving tons of memories behind. And whenever you get homesick (which will often be in the early days), something that reminds you of home can help you feel better. It can be a photograph, something your mother knitted, or a mug your best friend gave you. While you can't carry everything, choose a few items that remind you of home and make you feel better when you feel homesick.

Legal documents and other important stuff

Simply put, this is the most important. Without these, you'll be stranded in a foreign country with no one to help you. Here's a quick checklist:

You'll always feel you're missing something when you're packing. And this is normal. Putting a checklist and breaking it up into simple categories can help avoid last-minute jitters.

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