Understanding the process of the U.S visa renewal for Indians
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Understanding the process of the U.S visa renewal for Indians


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Whether for work, traveling, or education, many Indians dreams of visiting the U.S. But to travel there, we require various official documents, the most important being the U.S. visa. However, many people have reported facing challenges on how to get that visa. Once they get the visa, they can enjoy all its benefits. But what happens when it is close to expiry? What is the U.S visa renewal process for Indians? Can we visit a dropbox for a U.S visa in India? To answer this and various similar questions, continue reading!

What is the process of renewing a U.S. visa?

The process is seamless as long as you have all the necessary documents and fall under the following criteria:

  • Applying for the same type of visa can be easy if you are applying for the same visa. If you opt for a new or different kind of visa, you will need to go through a different set of application processes and be treated as a new applicant. For example, if you had an H1B visa earlier, applying for the same will be simple. But, if you are applying  for an F1 visa, this might pose a challenge since you would be considered as a new applicant
  • Your current visa has expired- Either it is about to expire in 6 months, or it has expired
  • Your application was rejected earlier- If your U.S. visa renewal procedure was dismissed earlier, reapply after one year to the U.S. embassy to reconsider your application
  • You are applying from India- You can apply for your U.S. visa renewal from India, but applying for renewal from the U.S., unfortunately, is not an option

Be mindful of the latest U.S. visa updates and regulations before traveling.

Documents required for U.S. visa renewal for Indians

If you know how to apply for a U.S. visa successfully, then the renewal process should be smooth. To apply for the visa, you will require:

  • Valid passport for a minimum of six months from your departure to the U.S.
  • Your expired or old visas, including the U.S. visa
  • Two passport-sized photographs (recommended size- 2 x 2 inches/51 x 51 mm)
  • Printout of the confirmation of DS-160 form
  • Receipt printout of the U.S. visa fee
  • Suggested documents on the type of U.S. visa renewal

How to renew a U.S. visa?

As mentioned earlier, the process is similar to when you first applied for the visa. The steps on how to renew a U.S. visa include:

  • Complete the U.S. visa application form and schedule your U.S. visa appointment online
  • Pay the U.S. visa fees and take a screenshot or print the receipt
  • Visit the U.S. visa application center and apply for the type of visa you are looking for
  • As confirmed at the application center, visit the U.S. Embassy or American Consulate in India for your interview. Please prepare well for the U.S. visa interview questions they may ask.
  • As an alternative, you can even complete the dropbox U.S. visa application to renew your U.S. visa from India.

How to pay the U.S. visa renewal procedure fees?

After scheduling your official appointment to renew your U.S. visa, a few payment options will appear on your screen. Those are:

  • National Electronics Funds Transfer (NEFT)
  • Instant Mobile Payment (IMPS)
  • By cash over the counter with Axis Bank, DRUK BANK, or Citibank

After completing the payment, please keep the receipt as it will be asked during the form submission.


These are a few of the most critical steps you can note when applying for U.S. visa renewal for Indians. After completing the process, you may receive the official, renewed visa within 4-5 days, depending on the type of visa you have applied for and the instructions provided by the U.S. embassy members. Stay tuned with Zolve for further updates on study visas, living in the US., and student guides.