Women's Day Special: A heartfelt note

Women's Day Special: A heartfelt note

Sapna Singh

Even though the world is changing rapidly, social perceptions and stereotypes still keep women from travelling abroad to pursue their dreams. It’s not a surprise to see that the number of female expatriates is subsequently smaller than the number of male expatriates.

So today, whether you are celebrating your friends, mothers, sisters, or loved ones, Zolve is a great way to show them just how much you care.

Do your bit and introduce the women in your life to Zolve. Just let them know if they ever plan to move to the US, you and we are there to make their journey easier.

If you are a woman and have succeeded in making your American dreams possible, we congratulate you for achieving what you dreamt of. Keep inspiring the ones around you.

With Zolve, let access to money be the least of women’s worries when they aim to win the world.

Team Zolve