Zolve Connect — A Place for Dreamers & Ambitionists like You
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Zolve Connect — A Place for Dreamers & Ambitionists like You


Communities are the backbone of the everyday human experience. They make the world go around! (Well, not in the same sense, but they make life a lot easier.)


As a global fintech, we try day in and day out to bring to you the nitty-gritty of life and money management in a new country. For ambitionists like you, who have a deeper connection to what life in a new country is all about.  

We have launched Zolve Connect; a space that enables and helps dreamers and ambitionists, like you to come and talk about your experiences!

Why did we create Zolve Connect? 🤝

This community's purpose is simple.

We want to give the power of information to you, directly from people who have been there and done that. If you’re moving to the US, thinking about studying there, want to work there, or set up a life there, then this is the only space you should be in.

Photo by Padmathilaka Wanigasekara from Pexels

What’s in it for you? 🤔

We’re working towards making Zolve Connect the one-stop-shop for all things America-related. Gathering information can be stressful and confusing. If you’re someone looking for information regarding your move to America, be it students or working professionals, our community is your place.

You will have access to a range of useful information;

💰 from setting up your finances in the U.S,

🏠 to housing,

👩‍💻 and even job opportunities!

This advice is a collective effort of you, our ambitionists, hunting for relevant information to make their lives easier.

Once you’re a part of our community, the perks are endless! You’ll get exclusive access to coupon codes, giveaways, e-books, and so much more!

So how do you become a part of Zolve Connect? 👋🏻

It’s really simple:

1️⃣ Sign up - it takes a few seconds to be a part of our community

2️⃣ Browse - check out our plethora of topics that will be useful to you

3️⃣ Contribute - share information with people looking for answers

4️⃣ Interact - connect with likeminded ambitionists like yourself

Meet your peers, exchange information, and share useful tips.

Become a Zolve Connect Champion today!