Zolve is now officially a TechTor

Zolve is now officially a TechTor


In an increasingly connected world, it's alarming that the financial world is still limited by geography, and the flow of information & funds across countries is severely restricted. Immigrants moving to a new country often face the repercussions of these restrictions. When they move to a new country, they find it extremely difficult to access the financial products of that country mainly because they're seen as high credit risk individuals due to a lack of enough credit data.

Zolve breaks these barriers for Indian immigrants moving to the U.S. by giving them easy access to U.S. Bank Accounts & Credit Cards. Along with this, Zolve enables its users with a myriad of other inter-linked financial services, such as investments, credit score tracking, expense tracker, and more. Zolve is brewing insurances, affordable loans, and more in the pipeline.

We’ve seen it all - Zolve was born at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. After starting in 2021 with just a small dream to solve the problem that Indian immigrants in the U.S. were facing, we're proud to announce that we've been awarded the most esteemed award in the Tech space - BW Disrupt TechTors Awards 2022.

What is the BW Disrupt TechTors Awards 2022?

In the technology sector, there are very few successes. Successes that hit the nail on foreseeing consumer demand, solving inherent problems, and servicing consumers throughout their product journey.

Each year, BW Businessworld celebrates the best Indian tech startups for creating innovative products and showing promising growth. For this year's edition, BW Businessworld and its community focussed on identifying innovators, changemakers, and trailblazers who are doing stellar work in the Indian startup ecosystem. This year BW received an overwhelming response of nominations. Out which, following an initial round of review, BW Editorial Board arrived at a noteworthy shortlist.

And, Zolve made it to one of the Top Tech Startups on the BW Disrupt TechTors 2022 list.

How did we get there?

The Best Tech Startup Award shines a light on Indian organizations and forward-thinking leaders that aim to disrupt the market by leveraging technology. A company is chosen based on its innovation, agility, resilience, business excellence, and ability to foster a great work environment for its employees.

Starting with a small team now standing at a team of 200+ employees, Zolve has carved a niche for itself within India and globally too. Since the go-live in September 2021, more than 300K users have signed up for Zolve services in the last year.

Our dream is a big one. One that doesn't stop here.

This is simply the beginning of what we want to achieve to put a dent in the universe. This is the first step toward building a financial world not restricted by borders. Being chosen in the BW Disrupt Techtors Awards 2022 has assured us that we're hitting the right direction, and we couldn't be more proud.

We want to thank the BW Disrupt Techtors Award jury members for honoring us with such a remarkable accolade. And lastly, this remarkable journey would still be a dream if it weren't for our lovely team. Thank you, Zolvers!

Onwards and Upwards.